Love Quotes and Pictures

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I always thought that there was
this one perfect person for everybody in the world,
you know, and when you found
that person the rest of the world kind
of magically faded away, and, you know,
the two of you would just be
inside this kind of protective bubble,
but there is no bubble,
I mean if there is you have to make it,
I just think life is more than a series of moments,
you know, we can make choices,
and we can choose to protect the people we love,
and that’s what makes us who we are
and those are the real memories.


In jealousy there is
more of self-love than love.


Don’t ever give up if you still want to try,
Don’t ever wipe your tears if you still want to cry.
Don’t ever settle for an answer if you still want to know.
Don’t ever say you don’t love him if you can’t let him go.



If we met in heaven

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If we met in heaven

When this building five-story building collapsed , frost is on the first floor of the office overtime, eating stone brought her supper .

They are a newly married young couple months , very affectionate . Eight years older than the cream stone , from three years ago would recognize , such as beads of cream like treasure spoiled due to the two men is not a city, after several efforts are still unable to transfer to a city. Until six months ago , the stone was quit his job and moved to the city where frost .
Frost has a report must be handed in tomorrow, but because wrong data , bringing the total number has not on .

Have to continue to work overtime at night , half past ten , but not to find out what the problem , so I called to her husband complained Johnson.

So stay with stone brought supper his wife , and her check data against the file.

See her husband walked into the office, cream Mandu ‘s upset immediately disappeared. Stone has been a pillar of her , the outsider, she is a very talented girl, but in front of the stone, she will always be a small woman.

Watching her husband’s handsome face , feeling like the sky outside the window in general, extremely bright . Stone fondly touched her hair , the command said: . ” . Behaved , eat something I’ll check .”

So cream supper obediently sat down across from carrying stone , cheerful tenderness while eating while staring at him , his face, his everything , she never tire of watching .

She believes her husband to run for as long as , it is nothing impossible in this world do .

Sure enough , less than a quarter of an hour , they found out that the wrong stone , is smiling sake of ridicule his wife a few .

Just at this time , this building would say a year ago and barely used to demolish the building so far , it seems that at this time no longer afford the load , there is no sign of thunder actually collapsed .

Within a few seconds , they will be buried in the rubble .

I do not know how long, when the frost woke up from a coma , dark eyes , and sometimes I did not know where you are. A hollow body pressing cement board , but good luck , the other end of this cement board cement board he was supporting another , but the pressure on her that she can not move , but it does not make her hurt.

Just because something coma hit her head , the other leg is not know what hit bones seemed broken, and seemed to bleed , but because board pressing , she can not feel his legs.

There is also pain at the shoulder , touched also bleeding.
“Stone ! Stone ! Where are you ? ” Frost suddenly remembered her husband, cried. No response, she was very afraid , trained, trained, and wept . ” Cream , I’m here …… How …… how about you ? There …… there …… hurt ? ” Stone faint sound came from her side uploaded . She remembered, in the collapse of the moment, rushed over what stone is pressure on her , but now how separately , she has not remember .

“My husband ! You …… how are you ? ! ” Frost hear her husband’s voice very different level, cried in horror .

“I’m fine just being Crimping not move. .” Stone suddenly calm as usual , saying: “Baby, Do not worry, I’m here , do not be afraid ! ” Cream stone feeling outstretched hand touched her arm , hurried hand tightly clutching . Cream stone holding hands, trembling, but powerful , so she immediately alleviate a lot of fears .

“My leg was bleeding like ……” Frost continued saying: . ” ? A stone on my thighs pressed husband , we are not going to die in the ”

” ? . How could it for a while someone will come and save us ,” Stone tightened holding his wife’s hand: ” You tie my tie with bloody legs tied reach the calf on the thigh, the tighter the better. “Then withdraw hand , will tie handed over.

Cream according to her husband , then the bloody leg to tie , but the effort is not enough, and can not effectively stop the blood flow. If no one to rescue them, not that bloodshed will flow dead?

Cream of fear thinking . And then held out his hand tightly pulled stone hand , the only way she can not be so afraid . She suddenly felt her husband’s hands shake , do not stone are afraid? At this time, do not know where the calls sounded mice , cream scream . Her fear is that mice ‘s life , and now this case, the mice even climbed on her head , are powerless to resist.

. ” . ! Wife , do not be afraid to have my mouse over the coming dare I killed it ,” Stone knows what frost in fear , deliberately relaxed saying: ” God deliberately find an opportunity to let it rise or fall . your blood stopped it? ”

. ” No, still flow” joke in stone , the cream is also a lot easier : “Well, anyway, you are dead on the go die with me , I’m not afraid of anything . ! ”

Cream three years ago and remembered the rock scene understanding , it is the last year of her college internship , working in a company where the city’s stone . One day, two men in an elevator encounter , his face filled with stunning stone look , as if turning a blind eye cream . There are only two men can attract her attention , one is clever , and the other one is handsome .

And stared at her in the elevator man, his handsome face cream in apparent wisdom . Seems very mysterious , but later also proved her understanding of Man’s vision, the stone is undoubtedly a very clever man. But only to her only when ’twas to show some . Frost kept thinking , almost about to laugh out loud.

Once, stomach pain, extreme frost , down on the bed pale . Stone sat by her bedside , heartache makes his face whiter than her. He stripped coat , lying on her side of the trunk , her tightly in his arms . The slightest trace of warmth spread to her body from his body , she indulge in his arms, he forgot that the pain is unbearable . The power of love , who can explain clearly uh.

They was silent , than waiting all know , they have no way . Cream feel her husband ‘s hand , continue thinking about the past of the past. In fact , strictly speaking , is her chase him.

After that first encounter , she does not regret a lifetime , but the stone has been thought that he wanted to chase her in pain , this fool , oh , I do not give you a chance how you chase ah , frost slight smile .

Two people in different cities , each other’s parents are not very much in favor , but they really know that this life will love each other . This love , only the parties will understand . In the dark do not hear a noise in the ruins , but frost immersed in memories , gentle enough to softly said to her husband : ” ! Stone …… I love you ” stone tightened holding his wife ‘s hand as the answer . Frost continues to think back to the past, bit by bit.

Stone will talk to her every few minutes , so she does not feel afraid. However, she sleepily, feel very sleepy.

“Stone , I’m tired, I slept for a while …… ” cream muffled said.

Can not sleep ! ! “Stone shouted loudly reacted so strongly so taken aback cream stone tightly holding the hand cream , said: .” Listen to me, you have to control yourself , do not sleep ! You’re bleeding , drowsiness, not because of fatigue, but because of blood loss, if asleep , you will not wake up ! You know , do not sleep . Talk to me . ”

Frost wants to control sleep, but that intense drowsiness , but can not seem to resist , really want this regard fell asleep.

Stone constantly talking with her words , talking about the past, bit by bit, really sleepy , really want to make stone shut up, but she seems to make even the strength to speak not answer.

She stumbled Listen, has been in between half awake faint . I do not know how long, she heard the dull sound out there knocking sound , finally someone to rescue them ! She clenched her husband ‘s hand excitedly , cried:

“You hear someone coming! Someone coming ! ! ” Stone hands were loosened , passed her ear like a loud moaning sound like a sigh . She finally fell into a coma .

This building collapsed in the middle of the night , no one thought someone on the inside. Until the morning , construction of the only people to survey , only heard people say that last night near the office seems to have been to see lights , but do not know nobody .

In the query in this building after the unit ‘s staff to determine the frost on the inside when the building collapsed . Then informed the 110 emergency center and hospital construction teams , rescue organization personnel , and relevant leaders attended the command prompt .

Rescue is successful when dug a piece of cement board, pry open one and a reinforced after rescue workers found the first stone .

When he was lifted up , the stone sanity or sober , he refused medical staff on-site treatment and refused an ambulance , lying on a stretcher in the ruins of the side of his mouth constantly murmured, saying: ” save her …… save her …… ”

The presence of an experienced doctor when you see the stone when no saved already know , do not force it carried to an ambulance , because there may be the slightest move is fatal.

Only indicate the nurse gave him a blood transfusion , but the needle is inserted into the blood has not lost . His lips constantly bubbling blood, which is reflected in the internal organs suffered serious injuries , broken ribs after estimate is inserted.

A hand has been broken, breaks in the blood stream has stopped , two leg bones are full of fractures .

Deadly is seen from his face , the blood flow is almost done. So the doctor is strange that this injury is not possible according to stick to the present.

Stone ‘s eyes unblinking look at rescue personnel move quickly coma frost also rescued out, Stone turned to doctors, eye of actually showing beg look , his mouth already speechless .

Doctors now understand a little bit for him to adhere to the present , and gave him a comforting vision, quickly walked around to her cream made ​​some checks and necessary governance , and then let the ambulance she was carried to an ambulance officer , returned stone around , crouch down and looked at his eager eyes , said: . ” Do not worry, she is no danger , no serious internal injuries , severe bleeding a little , but it does not matter , there is blood transfusion equipment on the ambulance .”
When you hear the words of a doctor , a stone ‘s dazzling flash seems taut look relaxed , they fatigue down, eye cream chase with carrying a stretcher . Doctors could not bear to look at , turned around and called the stretcher-bearers to be carried over, the frost flat on the stone edge .

The presence of all eyes are gathered here , the huge one place , no one making a sound .

Stone with the last vestiges of strength of life, looked attachment cream , watching his beloved wife .

That vision of showing love, showing the worth of sadness , deep look , as if to reflect her image in the eyes forever .

He does what he wants to hand the bird did not lift off , but only slightly moved his finger , the doctor put his hands covered with tears in her hand lay-up , he wanted to see her, he wanted to see her ah ! Doctors know his mind, Dou Zhaoshou for him to erase the tears that drip , but his eyes were wide open , but never see his wife. He’s gone .

Only seen the stone of the doctor knows the injury , do not fear for his wife , for his beloved wife died not because of blood loss , at the last moment of life, he obstinately resisted death a few hours , his injuries , is to endure rather die than live a few hours the pain ah.

The older doctor again unable to control for the strangers too many cases long stream . Edge of several small nurse , had burst into tears.

After all until frost injury recovery , her parents and brother ‘s death was the stone told her .

When understand that this is true, as the wife of frost is coming stone death notification and medical records. She looked Yiziyizi face look very calm , so her family are relieved. Her brother said : “Listen to the people present said brother before you go , what ever told you , but only the old doctor who hear .”

She said nothing , alone out of the room, her mother followed behind her , she saw her old who went straight into the doctor’s office , sitting opposite him .

Old doctor to see her smile and said: ” ? Thy good also hurt the rest, should not be running around .”

“My husband told me what ? ” She gazed at the doctor , usually very different tone , even the least of decorum .

Stone told her just to know what she said , did not want to say a word , not to say nonsense .

Old doctor looked at her in surprise , but the moment he understood her. Try the gentle , said: ” He was already speechless , mouth water has been insufficient , so I can only see his mouth .” Frost does not continue to ask , but he still stared .

Doctor sighed, seemed back then , and looked also become very grief, said: “If I am not mistaken , then , when he looked at you and say is: ‘I love you ‘ , and then …… ”

Cream silent, his face becomes white as snow . Doctors are thinking about how to comfort her when I saw her a mouth , actually ejected a mouthful of blood.

More than six months later, the cream back to the parents she lived . In the past six months , with people she did not say a word , it’s like all people do not know . Give her water , she drank , her meal, she ate . Rest of the time he sat in his room in a daze , or hanging at home in front of the portrait of stone murmured talking .

Watching her daughter become airs , cream parents seemed about six months old old. All doctors cream illness shook their heads , but also went to see a psychiatrist, but no matter what the doctor told her that if she did not hear all the way completely .

So fast over half a year , frost brother ‘s daughter to grandma for dinner.

Year-old child looked completely different with the former ‘s aunt , took her hand and did not react , can not help but anxious: ” aunt , my aunt used to say you want to take me to the park to play, you lie ! ! ” Grandmother grandfather desperately fight wink, but the kid what to ignore and continue shouted: “There uncle , and he promised me , Well, the whole not talking ! ” hear ” uncle ” word , frost shuddered at beside her, no one dared to mention the stone , which is almost a year since the first time she heard someone mention him.

Actually it took little niece ‘s hand and said : ” Uncle promised you good, I’ll take you ? .

” Frost ‘s mother first heard her talking with people , not by excited cry cream immediately thought of her father ‘s illness may turn up , trying to suppress a trembling voice, calm , said: .” Well , frost, you take her to it. ”

In the park , a small niece aunt holding hands , open his eyes and asked: ? ” Aunt , uncle what my father said he went very far away , but I heard him next week is the anniversary of his mother ‘s uncle , going to sacrifice him uncle is dead? ”

” Uncle is dead ? Ah , is not it .” Cream thoughtfully .

Days, frost was restored to many small niece after . Constantly talking with their parents , but they avoided the stone this topic.

To the anniversary of the death anniversary of stone on this day, his mother sent for frost noon meal , but found the frost away from home . Am skeptical son ‘s phone , cream stone tomb .

When parents arrived, I saw cream sitting by gravestone , wearing wedding day wearing a dress , eyes closed , but with a smile on his lips . Her brother and sister-in-law stood in front of her eyes are crying swelling, frost mother what he fainted , trembling father approached the monument to see the screen with the blood of frost wrote a few words :

If you saw you in heaven , do you remember who I am ?
If you met in heaven , do you still like in the past ?
I must be strong , but I can not, I do not belong here , I belong to you .
If You Meet in Heaven , you will not hold my hand ?
If You Meet in Heaven , you will not help me to be strong ?
I am looking for the way from night to day , because I know I’ll find you .
Please let me go , I believe there will be peace in heaven .
Please let me go , I know no more tears in heaven . ……

Do not wait until I’m gone only to regret

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Do not wait until I’m gone only to regret

If one day I suddenly disappear, you will not be frantically looking for me ? Then they can not find me and sad ?

If one day I suddenly disappear, you will not click on my FB numerous times to see if I left traces ?

If one day I suddenly disappear, you will not see me attentively FB in each log seriously ?
Then I had to understand how much you cherish ?

If one day I suddenly disappear, you will not suddenly wake up in the middle of the night , I would like to think of crying ?

If one day I suddenly disappear, you will not open MSN , etc. Every day I ? When you see your friends on the line when the hearts of a tight, thought it was me?

If one day I suddenly disappear, you will not watch the silly comedy cry ? Then mercilessly think I ?

If one day I suddenly disappear, you will not think I’m walking in the street when ? Think of squatting on the ground crying ?

If one day I suddenly disappear, you will not be the happiest time in my thought ? I want to share with you your happiness ?

If one day I suddenly disappear, you will not feel like you want me, in fact you care about me ?

If one day I suddenly disappear , I will not look back … and you want to forget me, continue to happily over your life !

I was not really gone, you will find that there is around me ?

I was not really gone, you will want to cherish it for me?

I was not really gone, you know how to cherish me ?

I was not really gone, you will feel how much I have had to cherish you ?

I was not really gone, you are only willing to give me a hint of pity ? You will understand that you really lost me ?

I was not really gone, you only know what is true love ……

I am willing to give you a home

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2007 Mid-Autumn Festival , I have willed, carrying luggage went home , afraid of the original high school competition , choose your school to continue learning . And you do not know .

English: Botanical garden, Montreal, Quebec, C...

English: Botanical garden, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Mid-autumn festival. Français : Jardin botanique, Montréal, Québec, Canada. Fête de la mi-automne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2008 spring semester , I was academic excellence into your own classes . The habit of asking the class to learn the names of the students better , which you selected , you subconsciously looked , still fresh , I wonder if ignorant of the affair . You are always so cold, aloof, seems to start with you that the intersection only a glimpse .
Fall 2008 school year , you appear in the seat behind me , we are not words to each other , destined not to become an ordinary student , I do not know what is the first thing to say , but once it starts there is no clear end . Cheap Date Ideas
2009 , in the examination . We jointly admitted to focus on high school , but not in a class , our youth do not have much publicity and vigorous . But their efforts with are first class , perhaps just for the exam can be divided in an examination room, a short test period can be much quietly watching each other , and occasionally close and talk about each other’s current situation . Your e-mail I have received , you said that you miss me.
2010 High School Placement , we successfully entered the science experiment class , you asked me to take care notebook , I secretly gave you the most beautiful foliage specimens campus , corner nameless flowers , named SHXC, you say that is the password Annotation of the ” love “. Holidays , you send me home, narrow roads , you always walk behind me . You know, I was a slow walking people, you are the only one willing to follow my footsteps , slowly walking home person. I looked up at you, your eyes clear and pure .
In 2012 , the college entrance examination , and as expected, you’re still on the point, I was just barely on one . Still quietly walking in the wilderness , in the absence of our date fields , I like this place . That summer, at the side of the tracks , you pull my hand, kissed me and said my dear, I could not bear to you , how can you take care of yourself . First hand , first kiss , occurred the day before at our parting . Since then, one north, one south. Honey, you put me to send the train in that moment, my tears poured forth , how do I habit without you by my side.
Offsite affair , with the legendary , like to see the phone ‘s face , do not know your pity. I was still so headstrong , to hold you , you say baby behaved, National Day to see you , so I occupied all of your holiday. You get rid of wasteful problems, only a sheet of expensive tickets, you out of my city far more than the number of times I have , you begin to slowly familiar here every attraction , every one know where I might go , pay attention to each day weather changes . I say park cherry blossoms , I heard and lovers strolling in the cherry on the road is every girl’s dream. You say you would like cherry blossoms , holding my hand, this romance will always remain in the memory . We are entering the lens does not like people who do not want to be blocked in the small picture, but because she knows the pain of each other’s thoughts and began recording their all. All the photos on the secret album together ridicule each other’s exaggerated facial expressions, laugh together , along lonely , you say , my dear, I would like to give you a home , to keep you warm , no longer afraid .
Hold your hand , with a long marriage . Honey, willing to work with you together , keep our love.


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It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)

It’s All Tears (Drown in This Love) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You complain

I did not give you the results

I look forward to

Are you still waiting for me

Memories of small gift boxes

In addition to my

Who will remember

If you fall in love failure Online Dating Advice

That success will be what

You do not love me anymore

Who will love

If drunk

Who is the victim

Car toy store

Sang popular songs

Which is now resting on the

You hurt over how wounds

I can mend

Wounded face


I do not want to turn around to look

I am a sinner

What kind of shell wrapped

Messenger pigeons

Flying over our heads

Also imagine there passing

Not the same time

Being infected with the stingy

How assumption

Before they can re-select

Who should be allowed on your left

Tears just for sentimental furnishings

Cry, please do not

Tears again

Silent, does not mean no thinking

You said, I loved

Who held hands and wiped the tears

Do not give up on

If we are still in love

If you still love me

If you do not go

I will give you happiness

Used to having you

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An entire city lights are shut his eyes

An entire winter snow are falling over

One pair of rough hands with an old photo

An example of one of True's online ads.

An example of one of True’s online ads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A man covered his face shining with tears Online Dating Tips

Accustomed to write to you, for you to send medicine, for you to take pictures, to accompany you through the four seasons

Also used to line up alone, alone tickets, traveling alone, a man walked slowly

Habit learning to talk to you, learn you smile, learn your baby, on the balcony full of flowers

Accustomed to running alone, alone, sad, alone, upset, draw sketches you back

You’re gone

So suddenly

So when people like to be caught off guard

The thought

Time to forget everything

I was wrong

I thought it was an excuse for forgetting

Forget your soft and lovely

Covet your tenderness and thoughtfulness

Ineradicable you give happiness and tenderness

You used to call me leaves

Like you smiling at me

When you spoiled naive fascination

Passing Your City

Memories of your gentle

Forbearance and tolerance of tears

Who can say that black and white unworthy

Man, continue to sink

Who understand who’s in love

This recalls a pack

A soft leaves

Gave me a reason to miss

Initially we reluctantly, eventually we discarding

At the beginning and the end, I go from here

Parallelism has long been given to write your tenderness

And I was not the world becomes hypocrisy hypocrisy

Time, already dying a pale

Camouflage for a long time (pretending to care), I will be tired

Bitter memories of many, I would cry

Because no matter how strong, I will own world mad tears

Encounter when commitment was perfunctory

Everything good hypocrisy

Naive to think that leaving will get better over time

Feelings he had been too naive

Several processes landscapes, offer all kinds of stories

Have turned into empty dreams

Originally, I love you

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Originally, I love you. Even if you have already forgotten, I will wait for you – until the end.
Today, we already are strangers, but also be able to encounter God ‘s grace . I think they could meet you , is what I deserve happiness . Our past as a memoir , recording those years our vows, we – the highest power .

I Love You (Faith Evans song)

I Love You (Faith Evans song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Memories, is a yellowing of the book , and its role is not to comfort their souls, but as a fine needle in mind , though already pulling but it is still significant in that faint pain , let us remember – once, we are each other ‘s happiness pass .
Left you just let me know, the original only you love me like you never protected me in person. Remember the last time we met I told you , I wish you a speedy find their own home , in fact, I say this to you , I hope that their is your real home , but unfortunately you can not in the know. I think I love you like a beautiful rose flower, no fragrance , no nostalgia , in that silently open. First Date Advice
Miss a person , miss a wound, do not cry nor speak.
I put the broken tomorrow , I do not love their faith in a man ‘s body , perverse as ” OK ” in the future with a wry smile . I want to know there will be those who staged a bustling refused curtain call Love, the end of time out of a flower .
In the days without you , my life is, as always before, but more of a miss, more than a hint of loneliness. I turned over our photos , miss looming, last year today – our sweet smile . I remember { Gossip Girl } in a word , is to say , if not me, your world would be simpler , but I lost you , my world will cease to exist . I just want to say : I’m sorry , we’ve been missing until the day that pass , your face is like a lake without waves , where I have seen through his own heart, sinking still love you heart . I just want to pray in a sunny corner , I met you , and then met my own …
You say: “We always miss the beautiful scenery , the favorite people miss .” Now I just want to say to you : “No , I will slowly find that like you love me , because I know , I would not care the spirit of the emotions. Penitence is a greater loss than the loss , a bigger mistake than mistake , so I will never regret it , ” I just want to love you in silence , until you can no longer I do not need .
You know what ? Now I do not like talking that day , then up , I do not like to laugh but always laughing , but they do not know I do this to hide his empty heart . Everyone says around my life so happy , but they do not know why I was in the hustle and bustle of a large group of friends suddenly on the silence ; do not know why I’m in the crowd will see a similar back sad ; go there will not know why one of the first songs you sing for me , memories of moments like my tears quietly falling gems , so beautiful, so heartbreaking · · · · ·
I think if we are children , we can stay in the time of the place , sit together while listening to the story that will never grow old , while slowly back .
Originally, I love you, love so humble, so small !